Bemoan Not O human

two (600 x 518)People have the issue of bemoaning every moment on the basis of the conditions of religion and its intricate explanation of Deeds and Actions and its rewards and punishments. Every religion is bound by the conditions of Karma be it positive or negative, sinful or full of piousness. These conditions work at every levels be it vanity, pride, anger, jealousy, negating or sensuality, all have different forms of energy; similarly truth, hard work, perseverance, seeking, and will all have different forms of energy that emit from one. All of these have energies be it a negative one or positive one, all have to be put into work. All these energies move through various levels of

  • Kiranaspurana [an act of letting go, expanding and pouring out for shrishti in real terms is not creation from external resources rather it is a emanation of the self reflection of the light(prakasha), it is this reflection from which the creation happens for in reality light is inert and unmanifested. So nothing is created it is just an emergence.

  • Taranithva – maintenance of the manifested reflection in the most natural manner

  • Samlaya is a process of the absorption of the reflection once the purpose of the reflection is attained.

  • Nadrishya is a process of merging in a non reflective form within the light itself.

Cittā (consciousness) is the cause for the working of all the above symptoms. The consciousness moves through the five levels of Grossest, Gross, Subtle, Subtler, subtlest. In all these levels on see’s the movement of energy at Kiranaspurana, Taranithya, Samlaya and Nadrishya under the control of the level of consciousness it emerged from.

At the Grossest levels of consciousness one holds the key in form of hidden, lost, dormant, active, partially active memory that holds information about friends, foes, colleagues, family, surrounding, religion, these all influenced your Gross levels of consciousness to create thoughts, emotions and actions creating a personality trait of yours. Both these levels i.e. Grossest and Gross levels of consciousness are deeply enshrined in a castle of conditions.  These conditions deeply reflect in all your actions, thoughts, and emotions creating a boundary around you that holds on a very narrow and limited view of you. In this narrow and limited view of you one is prone to all sorts of attachments, possessiveness and aversion. The more one is narrower and limited the more one is holding on to the attachments that lead one to become possessive and also have a feeling of guilt developing. It is this guilt that makes one prone to the Karmic Deeds for it is acted on and upon by the body, mind, emotion, energy and consciousness then action sinks deep and then a process(Kriya) happens impacting the whole form of spirit that is in question.  This Kriya is the one that emerges and connects deeply with the energy of the body effecting the mind and emotion, finally changing the levels of consciousness it began with. Energy changes the connective centres within the body that form the vortex of energy points for the changes to happen for a short period, long period, life time or for many more emergence of the life spark. The moment changes in the energy centres happens the  velocity, density, angle, gravity and distance between the energy vortex centres also changes everything related to Body, Mind, Emotion and Consciousness.

Collection of the information that pass through emergence of the life spark happened on a timescale of timelessness and spacelessness is the residue that one holds precious in this moment of time and space for it is these boundations and conditions over the life times that have reached one to this moment of time and space and in this condition. This is called the Pindkrta Karma (Born from the Core of the Bodies through the time and space). Each moment of  merging  and emergence creates a core and every time it holds and brings with it the collection of the Karma bhava (Action Form). The moment the Emerging happens the Pindkrta karma holds and becomes dormant to awaken just before the merging happens to process (kriya) the accumulated possessed actions. The moment Pindkrta Karma becomes dormant, the Udaya Karma Bhava takes over from the moment of emergence to continuously add to the possessiveness and attachments till the merging of the body back to the Energy and Consciousness levels. The whole process is pulsating with vibration and re-vibration and this is a crucial moment for one to realize the potentiality non-realized or non-explored.

The more one is deeply involved with grossest or gross level of the vibration the least shall be the experience of the person with the subtle nature within, while the grossest and gross attachment and possessiveness leads one live with memories that haunt them, torture them, make them sad, make them nostalgic, makes them happy and slowly many of them are faded back from the current memory in a dormant format till a time something in time and space jolts one to connect to the dormant memory.

Every single moment of time one holds on the possessiveness or attachment to a concept the rise of guilt or happiness happens, sin or piousness happens, this is the concept of the Iccha Udaya Karma which holds the doer as the one who is doing it and also representing the holder of the ways of the actions for they live a world of self created ego.

Uttsati Udaya Karma is the experiences that one bears from the nature, there is no choice in it for it is an experience for everyone, every life form. Then there is Anye Udaya Karma that which is dependent upon the will, need and desire of others but the effects are felt by the one does who does the karma.

Many of the possessiveness and attachments lead one to a state of Karakrta Karma, which has begun on the process of acting where the author or the performer is the doer and also works on the present moment resulting in the future resultant of the action. Prayukta Karakrta Karma begins the moment one of the possessed and attached takes the action leading to the result is beginning to show and one is gaining more and more possessive or attached to it. Antara Karakrta Karma  are those actions that have not yielded result in this moment.

Many actions of the possessed or attached nature give results not now, not in this moment rather they move into the future moment either in this emerged state of existence or re-emerged state of existence in future after the merging state. Such actions form part of the Ayata Karma bhava.

Seekers of truth rise above those moments of time by reaching to the core within by first dropping the attitude of possessiveness and attachment. This is the beginning of the spiritual path wherein one takes the path of Selfless Karma or Vimatsara Karma. The moment one attains this state of mind one is relieved of the Ayata Karma Bhava. Pindkrta Karma leave the body through the path of knowledge of self and selflessness, wherein the wisdom is bestowed by the Divine grace of a learned and realized soul. Walking the path of wisdom one realizes and finds that the Life force within emerges in the subtle form of energy cleansing the matter from grossest, gross, subtle, subtler and subtlest levels to provide one a clear and pure consciousness of knowing the self from the SELF.

This force of emergence of the energy happens when the initiation is provided in the right way to the rightful seeker. For the one who is rightful seeker is one who is ready to move in deep within to eliminate the layers of karma without allowing one to run away from the path midway and the rightful giver is one who gives the seeker  initialization without pushing unless the seeker moves in deep on his own accord, once the movement moves in the right direction, the push is provided in the rightful direction in the rightful manner through a process that is combination of energy and consciousness fused into matter.

Spiritual path is not a way for people who are looking for easy transformation through belief system, myths and heard stories, it requires true seeking, true thirst and deep need for belongingness for initially the path for the seeker would be completely be blur and every moment is crucial for one who wants to journey ahead. The Subtleness is being a child holding the subtle hands of the Rightful Giver to be confident of the path one is walking upon. The whole surroundings would be beyond the comprehension and the grossest levels of the body and mind would always feel filled with agony, obstacles filling the way but then those are illusions for the moment you move in back to the state of rightful seeker you discard the world around and are able to see the truth in the most logical, rationale manner for it is not showing the obstacle but the path leading you to the goal and purpose of life. It looks really maddening experience but then that is how it is for only those who are able to hold in the moment of illusory obstacles to see the truth in the most pure manner rest all of the so called pseudo seeker either shrivel up and run back to the illusionary truth to survive at the grossest levels.

The Energy changing and transformation is not unnatural state but a normal state of awakening the dormant energy in the most natural manner but then the process of dissolving the Karmas need one to gain depth and maturity in knowing the self not the one they are accustomed to but the one that is the true one which is alive, dancing and enjoying in the most spiritual and natural manner. This state is HIS state, YOUR state of You that you have forgotten which unshackles one from the layers of conditions and bemoaning for it is not a path of holding but one of giving.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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