Svara Vijnana

faceSvara Vijnana is the most primordial science that allows one to connect to the subtle essence of nasal breathing, mental breathing and balancing of the brain. This science allows one to balance the body, mind, emotion and Heart in such a manner that allows one to dissolve the karmic issues.

The core of this ancient practice has many sources, few of  the prominently known source are ‘Shiva- Svarodaya Sastra’ ‘ Shiva Svarodaya Cittamani’; It is a wonderful treatise wherein Lord Shiva explains to Devi Parvati about the knowledge, indications, omens of the breath. The core of this grand treatise however is limited to the grossest levels of the conscious state wherein it begins with birth and ends with death.

Atyantikaśīrṣan or one who posses infinite unique capability the  primordial source of the whole of the presence of the cosmic essence the supreme consciousness(Išá) allowed the present cosmic evolution to move through a cosmic emergence from the state of pure conscious state triggered by a spark that emerged from the supreme consciousness(Išá) itself. Through a uninterrupted chain of holders of light the knowledge of Išá prajnana Spandana passed. A science that allowed one to go before the emergence of the birth and travel beyond the expanse of the death to realize a state of consciousness that one is totally unaware yet so close and familiar.

A subtle science which was known as BÖŤÁSEĚM meaning space of breath  is also called Svara Vijnan(Science of Subtle Breath). This science predates the science of Svarodaya and also the expanse of it is far deeper than Svarodaya. It is covered in 24 principles of Išá prajnana holding 294 principles of RohKu (Abundance). The methods and tools revealed can be utilized for gaining deeper awareness of subtle knowledge of science and Spirituality.

The core is based on the subtlest elements of consciousness but it also allows one to gain and connect and harness the brain power and memory in such a manner that it works through the hindbrain, the midbrain and the forebrain. In the anatomical science,the Hindbrain includes the medulla, Cerebellum and PONS, Medulla which allows the proper control over the breathing, reflexes and body postures, Cerebellum helps on coordinating the body movements, Pons is like the bridge towards the midbrain, controlling the ANS (autonomic nervous system). The Brain Stem holds the hindbrain, midbrain except the cerebellum. The brain stem helps keeping in check the breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure. Midbrain  transmits information between the hindbrain and forebrain through the signals and pulses received from the eyes and ears.

Forebrain is something that differentiates humans from animals. The forebrain contains the limbic system that allows one to move through emotions and memories, the Thalamus works on the filtration, sorting and relaying of the information to different parts of the forebrain while regulating the state of sleep and wakefulness, the Hypothalamus works with the endocrine system and pituitary glands, in secreting hormones in response to different emotions, stress and rewarding feelings, while the Basal Ganglia is a cluster of neurons sandwiched between the thalamus and the cerebral cortex. It works with cerebral cortex and the cerebellum. The Cerebral Cortex is the largest part of the human brain having two hemispheres the Left and the Right  Hemispheres having lobes -occipital, temporal, parietal and frontal; cortices and association cortices. These all form the core of the Deha Citta (Body Consciousness)

But all the essences are universally balanced by the breath itself, and the core remains the navel for it is the source for our physical life it is the commander for the Enteric Nervous System(ENS) that is a subset of the Automatic Nervous System(ANS). The navel can independently function without much interference from the brain. It is called the Ahi Citta (Water+ Fire Consciousness).

When the balancing of the Deha Citta and Ahi Citta happens then one attains the knowledge of the Manas Citta (Heart+Mind Consciousness), allowing the mind to connect to the awareness of the cosmic consciousness.

In the initial stages of learning BÖŤÁSEĚM one is asked to go and explore the awareness of the Deha Citta through the body of Breath(Prana). This level itself allows one to attain most of the worldly desires as it gives the seeker the purpose and goals to attain as well as opens the way of reaching deeper within to see ways of attaining them in the most simple manner.

As one advances in the BÖŤÁSEĚM seeker is able to delve deeper within the self to connect to the subtle aspects of energies that make up the cells within allowing changes to happen around the place in the natural manner.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Svara Vijnana Course- Basic


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

5 thoughts on “Svara Vijnana

  1. Practicing Svara Vijnan by myself and with a friend. It is a very unique experience where by connecting to my breath, i find myself connecting to something i cant explain. While setting goals, the goal is fine tuned and revealed back in a very clear but unexpected way. The goals are achieved very precisely and quickly….be it meeting a client,selling a product, helping my child or spouse, sorting things out, it is like living better on another getting a lot of blesssings simply by connecting to the breath. Thank you for teaching us Maitreyaji. Hope I can pass it on to my children and many others can benefit from this ancient science.


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