ss1I have been talking so many years yet I have found most people have missed everything thing I have said. Many have tried sitting through them, taking recordings, taking notes but then they are truly not there for they are busy in that very moment of being there. They are trying to use external medium or general consciousness to hold on whatever is being said in the moment, they carry notes and recording and then try to understand them at a comfortable place they have either at home or other place. I have seen people who are not even waiting for listening but they have lists of queries not even interesting to them but these same queries they donot seek answers for they are ready to listen to answers too for they are busy creating unnecessary questions from the lists of books, methods and mediums they have searched or glanced upon.

In the end they carry heaps of loads of notes, tapes and queries back with them without even having time to be part of it for they are not part of it in the initial moment itself. It is not about following anything, it is about listening and being in the moment wherein they are in the existence of now. The more one looks at positive, negative, reactive, comparative analysis of the knowledge gained from others from past they have lost being themselves. In themselves they have a unique nature that one which is quite different everyone else for which they have to be here and now, for the mind has to be in the moment to allow one to listen and be part of it. Only when they are ready to listen and are in the moment they can have the quality of savouring its taste to know the essence of the knowledge themselves. It is evolving from the level of gross analysis to a state of witnessing YOU.

Till the time one is looking everything at the gross analysis; for one at that level of evolution one is completely aware at that level itself, it is a continuous motion where mind is working on the positive, negative, comparative and reactive in continuation of the awareness at the moment of time. Those who are in the moment are not working on the analysis of positive, negative, comparative and reactive but they are witnessing the witnessing essence of the positive, negative, comparative and reactive process of witnessing. This is a crucial moment for in that moment one can truly witness the witness of the witness that is witnessing the moments passing by allowing one to be in the moment and then expand beyond the moment to connect to the witness in the moment. The witness of the moment in the moment is a constant process for it is connected eternally , constant and is continuous in nature. Most of the people have truly forgotten this beautiful moment of being in the moment. Yet it is still perfectly there witnessing the moment here but then the memories of you are for the later use that means your moment is not in front of you but at your back . What you are witnessing is not the now but something you expect in future, so your present is lost and future is what your present is not, thus every step you move changes and pushes you back every moment putting you into a continuous flow of problems and issues.
Every moment of time you are holding your future without letting off the past, you will never face the present in this moment. I have known many Teachers who say “Be Now, Be here” but then how has it changed anyone, I have not seen one good person who has changed because someone said so, for “Be Here” is a spiritual truth, not something to be told, but to be realized by self.
This realization comes from self only wherein you are able to rationally, logically understand the subtle meaning of “Listening”.For simple understanding if we look back before the mobiles has come into life, there was a period of time where people could recognize the voice of the person on the other side of telephone without the need to look at the caller-id or the name saved in the mobile. This sense was not subtle at that moment of time but today gaining that sense can be termed as subtle for most of the today’s generation have to look at the number, caller-id to even think of recognizing the voice. But the moment the number changes to recognize voice it takes a longer time. The sense of listening even at the gross level is a difficult task now, but it was a little better earlier , for the mind was alert as soon as the telephone rang and started the search within to recognize as soon as voice was heard. This alertness is missing, the connection at the mind level even to recognize was a continuous process now it has become a moment of being there and then not being there. The continuity was and is something that allows one to connect with the witness, for in that continuity the mind is prominently focused on  moment and every passing moment it is there for it is a series of pulsation that flows for you 24 hours throughout your life, silently watching.

Catch the continuity is what I am talking about and have been using ways and tools that can slowly help you clean everything that you have heaped upon yourself.  The day and moment you are able to clean it you will not need me or anyone for you will not be witnessing then, but will become the witness of the awareness of the moment of the consciousness. It is this moment I want you to catch, for then your moments that you cherish will only be moments nothing more and the subtlest aspect will you that is highly in the moment as a witness of the witness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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