MahaShivaratri FAQ


What are the Time period symbolize?

These timezone do not symbolize the normal timezone, it reflects the cosmic timezone. Cosmic Time zone flow through twelve timezone that changes every 45 minutes and the whole thing repeats every 36 days.

45 minutes cosmic time is a crucial period for every life form. This is the maximum time the breath as a energy moves and works at one level for every 45 minutes the breathing  and once it reaches the optimal level stops and expands into another level for 45 minutes. The first 10 minutes the breathing initiates, 13.5 minutes the breathing balances, 11.5 minutes the breathing expands and finally the 10 minutes it holds as a fine tuning movement between the energy matter and consciousness.

1. Merű Samaya – timezone apt for energy expansion and creation of the energy vortex for clear understanding of the channelizing and energy transmission.

2. Űrga Samaya- Timezone apt for conscious expansion.

3. Samanvaya Samaya- Timezone for  expansion of the matter

4. Kaál Samaya – Timezone for merging of the energy with matter

5. Kaálalah Samaya- Timezone for merging energy with conscious

6. Samana Samaya – Timezone for balancing of the Energy, Matter and Consciousness

7. Danda Samaya  – Timezone for awakening time and opening up to the energy transmission in the most subtle manner.

8. Spurana Samaya- Timezone for connection transcending time and space

9. Uttana Samaya – Timezone for merging to bestow

10. Spandana Samaya- Timezone for expanding the grace

11.Vyakshan Samaya- Timezone for Re-emerging from the Core

12. Sukmatama Samaya- Timezone for Universal Emergence

What is  the  difference  and  uniqueness for householders, meditation practitioners?

The whole concept on meditation on this day is that it shall help one to cleanse the negative energy that surrounds them. Slowly allowing them to expand in the universal light of pure consciousness and connect to the energy that is itself expanding for connection with you.

Practitioners shall find few experiences that may be mystical, spiritual or religious in nature but the whole essence is the inner cleansing that happens.

Do the Channeling invade my privacy?

The whole purpose of cleansing and channeling is to remove blockages and allow the energy to flow smoothly within the body without creating any harm to the practitioner.

Privacy as an individual is not for it is working on your energy body, re-energizing them so that it fulfills the required need of them. No personal information or scanning of the sub-conscious mind is done for the purpose and activity to balance the energy and not about probing into personal details.

Is this a religious ritual? Shivaratri is religious function?

No it is not a religious ritual for it is connected with Energy, Matter and Conscious. Non-religious chant is provided allowing one to connect to that one that which does not confirm to any deity or form.  Shivaratri in reality is a existence of no time no space and no conscious. It is really wrong to call Shiva as a deity for it is means that which is not, that which never was and that which never confirmed acknowledgement. For me it is a time for becoming a medium to the Divine Energy in the manner I learned to go to the core of existence into the vast nothingness.  The core that I gain access is not more a sparkle that I live in forever, for I was born from there and in that existence I live like the sparkle.

Can I do this meditation from my home?

Yes it can be done from home. The details of the meditation are provided through whatsapp group ‘SoulSearchers’. Please add any of these numbers +919342851840 +919910059185, +919880008265, and send request for joining the Whatsapp “SoulSearchers” group by providing the name, location and age.

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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