masterThroughout the journey of my life, I have learned the beauty of unlearning the art of remaining knowledgeable. The more I tried to learn the more I failed for it allowed me to remain delving deeper.

The core of my teaching remains to be truthful to yourself by remaining ignorant for in that ignorance one becomes enlightened. Ignorance is not devoid of knowledge but it is devoid of smartness and ego, allowing one to grow beyond the concept of male or female conditions making one remain like a child; innocent, pure and serene.

This innocence is what allows one communion with existence and reality. It is this beauty that allows the inner core of the child to remain a seeker a true seeker who can see emotional changes, be the part of emotion and evolve, allowing the mysteries to open up every moment of time. Innocence is not about continuous questioning of everything or countering it is about learning with complete focus and attention. Questions and countering only lead one to create mind libraries of knowledge without any depth for they slowly transform into scriptural concepts and become part of a religious ritual or comparison rise from it.  Each answer that one gains leads to killing of the inquisitiveness within and with it the innocence is pushed to a suffocating area wherein the Ego takes birth. With each answer one loses sight of the beauty within and the feeling of the transformation is lost for the answer allows you to seek more questions and more questions means more answers; leading one to a endless cycle of frustrated searching for that innocence is lost. The whole beauty of these questions leading from answers and answers leading one to questions creates a feeling to one that one knows from the scripture for the scripture says so but then does it truly answer the question is something which they are not even aware of it at any levels. But the assumption that they have answer from the scripture makes them continuously recite the same from it like a intelligent computer program which goes from one loop to another without allowing them to truly to see the truth in its pure form. The innocent truly goes out from the loop for it is focused on self and learning happening by allowing oneself to be dropped thereby the scripture vanishes and only the bare codes remains allowing one to see how the beautiful fabrication of hiding the truth was done.

Knowledge is holding while wisdom is dropping it to allow it to wither, emerge, grow, evolve and expand making one truly dance in wonder of the beauty that has been denied to you for so long. Innocence is not for unraveling the mystery but allowing it to be a mystery for it is not something to be controlled but something to be allowed to be connected with self, self which is more mysterious than any of the things known till now for it is not something to be possessed but to be lived in all its intricacies and beauty for it goes on expanding infinitely with every layer blossoming, every layer withering giving rise to a new one every moment. The walls of knowledge are blockages that deny us the right to be with the truth in all its glory and beauty that is not comprehensible for it is the pure essence of dynamic existence.

Those who are not ready to go on this beautiful path create knowledge pockets to hold on to truths in some logical or rationale manner within the limited framework of general conscious understanding by asking question, but the one alive will only jump into the infinite beauty for it transforms the core within to allow one to expand and connect to the truth in its most beautiful manner.  The beauty is of not controlling life but allowing life to control the mystery of the Self in the most adventurous manner for in it one truly find the invaluable, something beyond any levels of imagination or dreams or conditions one has learned and worked upon for it is not scriptural but pure You, You that is nothing less than being Divine.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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