2005Sitting or Association with a Spiritual Guru may or may not be effective for every individuals for it is based on conditions, the more the conditions one has been holding the lesser would be the effect to the individual even with the most divine souls.  Just as a piece of wet coal takes a very long time to be ignited, dry coal takes long time to ignite while a piece of charcoal takes a shorter time,  but a mass of gun powder is instantaneously ignited, similarly are the people are who associate themselves with spiritual Guru’s.

Knowledge and intelligence at gross levels may be relevant but wisdom and a deep desire to enquire and inquire are more important for one to advance at every step to attain the awareness at more subtle levels for it is a action of unloading the conditions and a inaction of the inner mind to keep watching the transformation happening.

It is this transformation that expands one from the mental state to a spiritual state and like a fire consuming the forest, so does the Antar-Citta (inner consciousness) consumes the Gross conditional nature of a spirit, leading one to gain the wisdom of self and righteousness.  

When the inner mind is open for transformation and surrender only then being in the proximity of a spiritual Master, does the vasanas (Gross, conditional, mundane desires) cease to be active, allowing the mind to connect with the heart allowing the Manas-Citta (Mind-Heart Consciousness) to awaken allowing the gross mind to become still and allowing one to go deeper to gain a stillness within in completeness. It is only in this state a disciple is born, till the time mind is within the functioning realm of Vasanas it is only a wanting and needing body that cannot fathom anything beyond its needs of the moment which in itself is transitory in nature. The moment disciple is born a deeper experience fills in the presence of Master for one cannot be a disciple with doubts and one cannot have a Master with doubts.

The expansion of the Manas-Citta happens with the depth of Divine Grace for it is a way of being ready to accept the truth in the most natural manner. The Master has already delved deep to connect to Manas-Citta and then walk the path to a reach a state of Mastering it, so one who has to connect at Manas-Citta level has to gain initiation from one who had once got initiated and have reached a state of bestowing it to others in the similar manner. This initiation is not a moment but a way of serving, living and expanding oneself to gain the truth in the most subtle manner for it is a way of removing the state of ignorance at all levels of consiousness from the grossest state, Gross State, Subtle State, Subtler State to attain the Subtlest state at the Manas-Citta levels of consciousness. This truth of knowledge when bestowed transforms into wisdom and allows the seeker to gain the bliss of truth without any masks or conditional norms of religion but makes one purely-religious not dogmatic -religious. This is the journey of knowing the eternal self within the layers of selves.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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