Calamity Business

When I was young, I had seen this beautiful incident. Where one of my classmates was hit by a cricket ball on the left arm, and the pain was so much that he was holding the hand and crying, our school PT Teacher watched him for some time, he was crying bitterly. He came and asked what happened, my friend said, ‘on the left hand the ball had hit and it is paining’

He checked the arm, there was no fracture, but yes a little swelling was there.But my friend was crying out loud, even after knowing that the arm was not fractured, the class was getting over but now it was really ten minutes, yet he was crying loud.

Suddenly the PT Teacher appeared and tightly slapped him, and walked few steps, and we found that my friends hand was on the cheek and he was crying louder.  After taking few steps PT Teacher turned towards him, the moment my friend saw the teacher was looking at him, he stopped crying loud. But tears were flowing.

“Where is the pain now.” PT Teacher

My friend “My face is paining” his hands were on the cheek

‘So pain of hand is now ok, Good, if you feel the pain is high on face, I can slap the other cheek too, so that pain balances’

Suddenly my friend became quiet, but His hands was still on the cheek.

serveWhy did I remember the story now. Strange is the world and the ways they follow, for I cannot understand when a calamity strikes, a natural disaster happens, hundreds and thousands are suffering, people are being raped and huge injustice is being vented to people at large. Most of the rich, powerful and those who claim to help poverty alleviation, people who are religious, people with distorted mind suddenly see a huge business opportunity in it.

Business becomes high with collectibles, Mugs, T-Shirts, Dresses, and lots of #Tags emerge to promote such products as a means of showing support for the disaster ridden people, countries or location, lots of charitable organizations and media suddenly emerge as great supporters of such task asking public at large to donate which shall be further be used to promote there own business and rarely people those who need attain any benefits of it.

Religious organizations and promoters of various religious course emerge to teach special programmes and pray for the disaster ridden people. Social media soon is filled with message forwards, likes, virtual support, hackers and spammers get going with morphed up video, pictures to highlight the event and gain more access into the social media through forwards and shares.

It is really enjoyable scenarios where everyone is so much concerned with the event they the projection is like that they are only there for those needing real help, but the moment another tragedy strikes the previous is completely forgotten or send back into archives till a moment someone wants to create a video documentary or a programme on it but the whole focus now shifts to the new tragedy. So similar to the slap my class friend got.

But in all these only few things trickle to real ground work while majority of the virtual forwards, and sharing are either fake or manipulated to suit vested interests of selfish people. Those who are truly working at the ground levels for helping those in need are rarely looking for social support, they are looking for real support, real things of essential needs, like food, clothing or shelter or even financial help. Virtual likes or Virtual shares or Virtual support will really help them nothing; for the need of the hour is basic essential requirement of body. Social media and Net can a be a powerful media for information sharing and appeal for requirements, but those who share these too, should  check the authenticity of the appeal or information before even venturing out to send money, for many are there who look for gaining extra mileage from the suffering of others.

The level of superfluous nature is such that the more gory the incident the more it is shared and liked instead of helping in true sense. Can we truly become human and like human stop sitting and praying, virtually talking and sharing messages of little relevance to human life and get a little on the ground and help those in need true sense. The more we are able to work on ground levels we shall find that the corruption,twisted minds, failures and blaming games will soon become a history. For the more people work at ground levels and for information, awareness and knowledge social media is used the cleaner would be mind and its intricate working.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda




Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

2 thoughts on “Calamity Business

  1. I think the same goes with govt. funds for these natural disasters, state govts gets these funds and god knows were these funds are spend…..


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