IMG_0227 IMG_0228Acceptance and Adjustment are part of life. It is very rare that people mutually accept, those rarity are something that brings out the beauty in a relationship and allows love to emerge. When acceptance gives way to adjustment then the whole way changes and transforms into a state of arrangement where the experience and attachment allows one to manage the situations in the suitable manner appeasing to one’s situation. This is normally seen in homes, relationships of parent child, husband wife. But in rarest of rare cases one finds acceptance happening at mutual level. Relationship turn out to be more or less a ‘BARGAIN or DEAL’ where one’s ability to deal with most obstinate and disagreeable people matters in bringing out the nature of transforming the whole situation into a Bargain of nature where one has a little loss to have a win-win scenario. Indifference or apathetic nature in worldly dealing can never allow one to understand the nature of art of fake-truth. Every single person in world living in any social relationship is actually a salesperson, the better the bargain, pleasing and convincing capability, the better adjustment happens, but unknowingly one falls in the trap of fake life thinking and believing that it is the truth one has to live for that is the way.
It is a state of one showmanship where there is no time for waiting and thinking about making others right as per one’s choice, for one’s choice in itself is filled with desires and wishes. Thus a short term desire and wish is something one bargains for. So adjustments happens, hundreds of errors, mistakes and things can go wrong yet, it is considered safe to adjust for one never rises above the short term desire and wish. Every single day is a battle of the better salesperson and better deal that can be gained. This is not a just way for one cannot be just in all ways. One has to be clear that in certain areas of life one has to live a life of righteousness and Justice, it is not to please or appease anyone, it is for knowing one single cell in whole of life is near perfect and deep, where one needs no bargaining ability or salespersonship one only needs to be the raw and pure self.

Adjustments happen due to fear of losing, disconnection to self and affection to the short term desires and wishes, this is Ignorance of the self. Knowing Self does not mean denying existence of other unique selves. Knowing Self means becoming aware that every single living form has its own unique sets of Short term wishes, desires held in place by ignorance of self and fear of losing. If one is able to Know the Self within one understands that the Fake-Truth is valid for all life forms who live in societal boundaries fulfilling forever and infinite changing societal norms and wishes. So to avoid conflicts one adjusts, the more one adjusts one finds a feeling of lost within, some areas that hold you back, some areas that makes one think. Majority of people ignore this state for fearing to enter into a state of another adjustment or fear losing what they have attained. Adjustment also brings about EGO clashes for it is conflict of short term desires and Wishes that hold one in a state of denial leading to a loss of the moment of happiness and joy that one attained.

The acceptance of life as unique and beautiful allows one to expand and gain detachment as well disconnection from abhorrence. Perfect Acceptance is the way of ATIASHRAMI, one who dwells beyond the realm of the Societal conditions, yet is so well adapted that one merges into it without bringing the true face to the world. Acceptance does not emerge from putting conditions, but accepting in bringing happiness and joy to the world around, even if it is short term wishes and desires if they can be happy and joyful, why hold them back.  Acceptance of adjustment cannot be termed as Acceptance for in acceptance the adjustment is not there, it is just Acceptance, unconditionally.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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