Consciousness is easily talked about in the healing areas by the energy workers but do people really understand what consciousness is. Consciousness is becoming aware, it is not a action based area, it is a area of being spiritual an area of non-action (Akriya) one cannot attain Akriya with the help of a Kriya  (Action) based on body, energy, matter, energy centers or etheric bodies.

One cannot enter the area of Consciousness without knowing Consciousness but this again is not possible for the awareness of the consciousness is not consciousness for in that mode you are re-creating consciousness, which in reality is a process of the conditioned mind.

Consciousness can connect to consciousness, Awareness with Awareness and this happens when Consciousness is activated  by a process of initiation of passing energy and consciousness through an awakened state of Consciousness and Awareness by awakened state of Awareness. It is only in this state one becomes aware of consciousness for this is a higher state of self than the one conditioned by the mind itself.
When one become aware of Consciousness Space and time do not exist for the Body or mind and in this state one is able to see the spiritual state of Being that is nothing more than the Space Eternia. Within this space Eternia the self contained , cycling time and motion emerge as passing phases from one moment to another as a state of emerging, merging and re-emerging. again falling into the eternal cycle of time and space illusion. When the illusions are held in a box of conditions it becomes the Time and Space in the box, not the true Time and Space. In that very box one holds the truth and in that truth one creates a Religion, Spirituality and conditions. The conditions of the box is such that one holds the unseen in the state of seen and seen in the state of unseen, thereby pushing it further as a state of conditional state of consciousness that is more or less confined to the framework, this conditioned state of consciousness is a state of awareness.

But then it is nothing but a imagination or illusion for the box is created to be held within a three dimensional perspective while negating all the other dimensional one cannot understand or relate to, for this is the fear one holds true without any serious basis of logic, rationale and scientific basis. The logic, rationale and science behind most the religions and boxed consciousness breaks down faster than taking the second breath. It is a virtual creation and in that the core strength is the Box shaped 3-Dimensional format, any deformity to it and the things fall out of sight and out of mind leading one to have doubts as well as fear, guilt.

It is only in the state of Boxed consciousness can Time and space be held, time can curve space and Time can be moved from and back. But in reality Time and Space have no Timelessness or Spacelessness in them, it is even beyond the state of infinite and open as open as the Consciousness that we never want to connect.

The whole purpose is to move beyond the box and connect to Consciousness through Consciousness and see the Truth that you have missed till now.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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