NamaskarThose who have walked with Guru and learned the way can only know the beauty of learning and its experience. Learning with a Guru can is truly an experience for it allows one to realize the darkness, ignorance and conditions one has been accustomed to over so many lives, this realization allows one to accept the load one has been carrying for long.

Acceptance of realization of darkness, ignorance and conditions allows one to easily burn them with the light, energy and conscious awakening given with the grace of Guru, thereby purifying the physical, psychic and spiritual spheres of the disciple. It is this burning of the darkness, ignorance and conditions allows one to realize the only truth within. No Guru who cannot help a free willed one to attain the truth can be a SatGuru.

The supreme consciousness and  divinity enshrined within each of His creation has  its root in the state of consciousness and thus it emerges and expands its beauty within all its creation itself the moment one is able to allow the freewill to walk on the path of divine itself. The doing of undoing and non-doing all emerge at the same moment for it is divine thinking and divine thinking allows the consciousness to know and realize our inner thoughts and feelings. Those who have completely surrendered know the language and essence of the science of transcendence. This connectivity allows the spark within one to emerge as the projection of the divine cosmic essence. This is the responsibility of a SatGuru.

A SatGuru is not a GPS(Global Positioning System) but in true essence a Projection of Cosmic Essence (PCE) emitting the Energy of Cosmic Consciousness (ECC). Only an acharya or a teacher would work like a GPS system guiding seekers and it has its own limitation based on the need and desire of the seeker while the PCE and ECC work at the core essence of life force thus the transformation happens without breaking the freewill but by connecting to the energy, matter and consciousness. In life we have many teachers and acharyas parents, teachers, grandparents, mentors, professors, Bosses, society, friends, colleagues, religious leaders, religious speakers etc. We can easily classify such Teachers and Acharyas as inferior (adhama), mediocre (madhyamastarIya) and uttama (superior).

Inferior (Adhama) Acharya’s : such teachers in life provide lip advice, pass on message from others but will never be interested to go deep or help one to progress. They are more or less self centered selfish one’s who believe that knowledge is to be held by them only and not to be passed on to others.

Mediocre(madhyamastarIya ): such teachers will lead us half way in life, wherein they practically show some ways but will never be interested to correct you or help you go further.

Such teachers do share knowledge but limit the passage of it, the limited passage is made to show there supremacy and control over the knowledge, so that they gain demand for the time

Superior (Uttama) Teacher: Such a teacher and Acharya are more remembered throughout our life for they gave advice, ways, tools, and also made sure that the ways are followed properly to gain the results.

Each of them help us to learn various skills and also embedding the seed of spirituality within us in a subtle form. The seeds remain dormant for it sprouts only when our mind starts working on them and in this working our minds move deeper and we find that the roots and the branches of the embedded seed has grown really big with each passing day and moment, making us thirsty with every passing moment. This is crucial for spiritual evolution and depth for the whole of its nature is intrinsically subtle and elusive nature. Hence the need for the highest and most capable guru. But for this the disciple too has to be ready for the rising and evolution.

Uttama Shishya (Superior Disciple) : The rising happens only when the roots of the embedded tree within has impregnated the spirit consciousness of the disciple, allowing the whole area to be take the form of a leak proof bowl allowing the tree to rise perfectly up allowing the leaves of the tree to absorb the rain of grace, continuously and also help in evolution in the most appropriate manner where the knowledge and wisdom of the SatGuru spreads.

Mediocre Shishya (madhyamastarIya disciple) If the roots of the tree  have impregnated the spirit but is not able to cover the whole of the foundation then the absorption will never be there nor will the leaves gain all the wisdom of the light for all will pass away.

Adhama Shishya (inferior disciple) If the roots of trees are rotting then it loses everything.

All the disciples have right to rise and can rise, by the grace of SatGuru, for in nature everything has equal value and being a creation of the creator one truly has right to rise.

 Thus a SatGuru allows the disciple to connect to the Guru within, where the physical form of disciple  or sambhuti (original creation emerges from the state of dissolution of the gross physical form, mind and spirit). This essence of Sambhuti is called as Guru the one, the Brahm or the spirit form, that and that only can grasp the Ila (light) of the essence of bestowed through the grace of SatGuru.

Gaining this state sambhuti is not something easy, it happens naturally with deep hunger and thirst from within wherein the body, and mind both of the seeker becomes detached with the mundane aspects of the world while the body continuous to work on the mundane path the subtle aspect of the mind rises to reach out to the infinite core of creation within. Till the time the thirst is not there one keeps searching for one’s limited desires through the ways of Acharyas who believe that they can guide them through the conditional energy, matter and consciousness; which leaves the seekers more thirstier than before.

 We can see this in our normal life where even though we have taken a full bottle of water but the sudden dryness happening in the throat at night when you sleep shakes you up. It is irritating and you gasp for breath. What happened salivary glands are not properly wetting your mouth, your body will crave fluids to keep your mouth moist. Water and other drinks can help with the thirst, but do not fix the real problem that is causing the dry mouth. So what happens is the first thing you wake up is to grab a bottle of water and gulp it down, and when you gulp it down fast you find a burning sensation, but when you keep sipping on it slowly the thirst getting quenched.

The working at desires of body or mind at gross levels are like that, everyday you fill it up and everyday it becomes empty. Thus, one finds that today more seekers look for teachers and guides for showing them way and they fall for people who claim to be Guru’s and SatGuru’s but are truly guiding them , giving them rest, sedating them and replenishing them ever so often so that they become numb to the core issue of the thirst but look for instant solutions for current problems while the inner core of them keeps breaking them down continuously leaving them in a state of continuous delusion, seeking and confusion of knowing.

The continuous delusion, seeking and confusion of knowing makes the seeker not able to understand the right from wrong between a Guru and SatGuru, between a guide and philosopher, this state is called Citta-vibhranti (agitated state of consciousness).

The seeker in this state has to stop. Drop everything, and just move back within mind and body to the initial state of seeking that happened much-much before everything changed for you. In this moment of seeking sit and allow the mind to calm down. In this calmness you would be able to see the SatGuru for He shall appear to quench the thirst.

The role of SatGuru works through the Uttama acharya Sthiti (Superior Teacher position) by  giving inspiration, talks, knowledge and practices and walks through a meticulous way of making the disciple to walk the way through circumstantial pressures in the most righteous manner till the disciple is able to attain the Guru within.

The ways begin with purity in thought, purity in action and purity in consciousness, where the core remains fully stabilized in Meditation, holding the fire of truth one loves and punishes the disciple to walk on the path in the most sacred and humble manner.

Even with the grace of SatGuru also it is quite possible the disciple may not be able to walk on the path. The reason being that the core of the disciple has to rise up to the grace of the SatGuru too.

The disciple who feels that one needs to rise should follow the process of initiation and intuitional science with all sincerity, perseverance and passion with regular and sustained effort. The day the whole path becomes part of one’s life one finds that the purpose in life and the goal both become very clear allowing one to grow and evolve every single moment of time.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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