Once the young celestial spark within a young seeker of truth had a question lingering on his mind. He sat and contemplated on the question but could not find answer, he traveled far places seeking the answer to the question bothering him. One day He sat and meditated and there a bright spark emerged from the subtlest level of consciousness and took a form.

Seeing this bright illuminated spark the young seeker asked “I have this question and I am unable to find answer to it. I hope you may be able to tell me the answer. My question is what is benefit of meeting a Master a Satguru”

The Bright illuminated spark answered “A Satguru asking about Satguru”Seeker responded “Your play and your energy, your matter and your consciousness, so you need to tell me the right way, the right path and right answer”The Eternally illuminated Spark answered “Go and walk straight till you reach a cow shed, there shall be fresh cow dung and a worm shall be there. You ask this question to it and you shall gain the answer”The seeker walked and reached the said point and yes there was the cow and the fresh cow dung and in it there was a worm. The seeker bend down and lovingly asked the question. The worm looked at the seeker and a slight movement happened and the worm died.The seeker was shocked and felt as if great sin has happened, so for repenting he again sat down to meditate deep. As the depth was going to happen the Eternal spark emerged from the nothingness and shimmered as if the world has changed. The seeker narrated the whole event and waited for an answer.Then the eternal spark said “Go walk on the opposite direction and you shall see new born puppies, among them there is only one who is going to open the eyes, go and ask this question”The seeker again accepted and walked towards the direction and there in one small cove he heard the sound of puppies. There were six of them cuddled and the mother just had gone for getting some food.The seeker  sat near the puppies and waited, he did not need to wait for long, a small white little puppy opened the eyes with the sound of being alive and being in the moment. The seeker took the puppy with all love, care in his hands and asked the question. The puppy looked at the seeker and then with one little sound, became silent forever.

Aghast the seeker looked at the new life which could not even see the day properly, he could not understand what to do. He felt guilty of killing two lives. His mind was running wild thinking and feeling that the query He had was dangerous and was killing life forms around. The moment such a thought emerged in his mind, he felt the Eternal spark emerge again holding his hands the spark said “Before you let go and curse yourself and everyone else, know this that your question is important and life changing, so once more go to this slum on the outskirt of the city and there this single concrete house is there. Go there and you shall find a new born child, ask this question to him and you shall gain the answer”

The seeker was having fear in heart and mind but since the way is shown so one has to walk, so the seeker went to house. Yes a child was just born and mother was sleeping, father was celebrating so the seeker went to the father and told him the whole events as it had happened.

The father of the new born listened very carefully to the whole event and then said, I too would like to know the answer to the query. If I can be a medium, I shall be more than happy. Saying so he went inside and carried the little baby out.  The seeker went near the child, took the child in hand. Prayed in his heart and blessed the child and  asked the child the same question and the dreadful thing happened, the child smiled and died instantly, the celebration and every smiling face were numbed by the turn of event. The father fell down unconsciousness.

The seeker was aghast was not sure what to make of it. The fear was written all over his face there He saw the eternal spark holding another tiny spark near him. The tiny spark moved to the father and and upon its touch the father gained consciousness. Then the voice of the tiny spark was heard by the seeker and the father “O great seeker you are the Satguru. Accept my humble prostrations. I was born as a worm in the fresh cow dung, your question transformed me and allowed me to emerge again as a puppy and here too you were there waiting for me.  Your ambrosial voice again caused the transformation to happen for your loving grace and blessing allowed me to evolve and here I was born as a human baby. I was looking for you and I found you had arrived, here I was blessed by you, prayers helped me know my path and your grace allowed me to evolve again to reach out to become this spark. The original me, I have found due to you and it is you who showed me the way to the Divine Eternal Universal Spark. I have no words to express the glory of a Satguru, fr it is you who has allowed me to merge into the energy I was born form.”

The seeker just stood there in awe and felt a sense of relief.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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