a pitfall to watch out for!

Adhaugati is a term used commonly in India since ages. The general description is downfall or degradation. Adhaugati works on three platforms, Body, Mind and Soul and the flow of the energy is unique and cannot be easily remembered.

At the body level many things happen to us owing to the many conditions that influence us like parents, family, relatives, society, religion and the personality that we grow into as a result.

This is the foundation that is laid down at the level of Swadhisthana Chakra [Swa (Mine) + Adhi (Lord) +Sthana (Place) + Chakra (Cycle of Conditionality)] and this is what goes on repeating throughout the cycle of life and death.

There are Sapt Dharatala (seven layers of earth) that hold good for lives to come and each deed that we allow to bond us down with only the gross realities leads to our falling down to one dharatala at a time, till we find ourselves at the level of Mooladhara (Mool meaning Base/Root)+ Adhar (Basis/foundation).

Chakra which then flows down to the basest of the animalistic nature. Flowing down from the level of Swadhisthana Chakra leads a person to fall into a vicious trap of endless turmoil and punishment and with each passing moment the fall is greater than ever. The light, which shone bright and high at the state of the Swadhisthana, starts to flicker and slowly dims down by the day till it reaches the state of Mooladhara. From here it is easy to slide down to the eternal fire of hell which shall burn slowly till it destroys the source of adhaugati within itself to start the process again.

Body, may be of human over many cycles of birth and death, yet the suffering would be worse in each one for the fall shall not be from the state of body but it shall be from the state of mind. From its scope to be able to engulf the cosmos narrows down with each passing moment to reach a state of oneself only where the rest of the cosmos turns around like a fireball to burn away all the selfishness to bring about a sense of purity within oneself and from here the journey starts all over again. The fallacies start when life is lived selfishly where the essence of life revolves around the concepts of I, Me, and Myself only.

The moment is here and as you read this or hear this, the time is right where the human awareness is still working and is able to perceive and grasp the essence. Ways and methods have been shown which allows connection to the downward moving awareness at the state of Manipura itself allowing the energy to take a loop back to the point of thousand jeweled land.

In simple words, if we want to cross a river we have three choices.

First is to walk continuously on the shores till we reach the origin, then it would be simple to cross over the river and come back.

The second option is to get a boat and cross over the river.

Then there is the third option, which is unique for the current period of time only. It is the way of logical analysts and modern philosophers who would sit near the bank of the river and contemplate on how to cross the river without moving an inch.

Those people who opt for the first choice shall face immense difficulties and it may be quite natural if the person may never reach the destination within his lifetime.

The first two options show the true way of crossing the hurdle while the third way is a way of frustration, depression, feeling guilty and a sense of anguish, which remain forever. Such people normally slide down from the state of Swadhisthana to reach the state of Mooladhara and from there it is difficult to come out.

Normally the first way is opted by a Yogi or Sanyasi. Here when we talk about Yogi, it does not mean a person who is apt in physical exercise but here it shows the one who is a true seeker.

The journey is arduous and many a times it may flow through various janmas to ultimately reach the state of Siddha or one who has achieved.

Only one who has seen the origin of the bhavasagara can actually show the way to other people in the journey, for the rest of people it is easier to take the second option of gaining the boat to cross over to reach the destination.

This boat is there with each one of you, it is not manmade, yet it took the medium of a living human soul for expansion and growth. This is the human body made of the 101 elements, this is the unique boat we have, to cross over the bhavasagara.

Having the boat in itself shall not help one to cross over, for the boat in itself cannot row. The rowing strength comes through the direction of the one who has been to the source and seen the destination.

This direction is known as Diksha and the strength to move in the right direction happens due to the rope made of divine name strengthened by the divine energy holding the boat in the right path.

Once the divine name is energized, the seeker will be ready to take the second option in the right spirit, without fear and he would be able to gain the insight into the Divine path.

Yet those who follow the third option will still be suffering for they would be still analyzing, contemplating on the bhavasagara, boat, act of rowing, and the strength for rowing.

Chanting of the divine name strengthens the body from within so that the energy flows in the right path leading one to become actually the Lord of their Place (Swadhisthana). Allowing the divine chant to move in cyclic mode (chakra) helps one to connect to the Guide in proper manner.

This connection creates the true Guru-Shishya relationship, allowing the Shishya to easily cross over the whirlpools of life’s struggle with ease. Diksha is a way of expansion and evolution for the way is not something which is easily available or earned, it is a grace of divine and is received through an able medium.

Know this, for the path is not easy yet the way is open for one to grow and evolve through the path. Diksha is not something to be taken lightly and neither can it be a way of utilizing for personal gains only.

It has its own value and due respects have to be given to it for it is easy to take the row and one holding the rope as something of a right but the strength of the bhavsagara cannot be taken lightly and only an able guide can take you through it.

If Diksha is taken lightly then the way to adhaugati opens up leading one to fall easily into the enticing world of Mooladhara and losing the hope of climbing out of it.

Diksha is a way of gaining maximum from this life and maybe the efforts, if put in right direction, can help you to reach across the bhavasagara.

It is the choice of each soul who has taken the Diksha to know if he/she would like to take the path of success, happiness, peace and tranquility or take the path of doubt (shanka), kutarka (useless arguments) and continue to live a life of misery or even waste time waiting at the shore of the bhavasagara eternally for something marvelous to happen.

Wake up and take the path of urdhwagati as shown by Diksha and connecting to the divine and start the process of crossing over the bhavasagara.

Let the heart expand like an all encompassing mother filled with selfless love and compassion, then only the innocence will flow through the land of Lord (Swadhisthana) leading one to rise upto the heart (Anahata) level.

Guru Nadi shows the way, nama swaroopa of the nirguna will slowly expand the inner essence allowing it to flow and expand to the higher realm through the guidance of the medium – the master and the grace of the One.

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

From the book “Maitreya Vani” – Messages of Maitreya for this world

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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