Sleeping Mind

What one carries to bed and what one awakens with has a great relevance. Throughout the day we are working on many aspects of life and each of the events has a great role, for they are outcome of your Gross Consciousness based on the conditions and thought process. The more one is loaded with thoughts and concepts one shall feel tired more easily, there shall be headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain.

The load of the day when we carry to bed we are always restless, coupled with tiredness, it leads us into a sub-conscious level where we dream weird things, unnatural things, horrifying events, terrifying turns, indescribable loses and suffering. All the dreams would be broken none having any symmetry or continuity . Upon waking up one still feels drowsy, tired, broken and a heaviness in head and neck region.

 Sleep is a powerful period wherein one is truly connected to sub-conscious mind, this sub-conscious mind takes the  though links from the conscious mind. Sub-consciousness mind is  like a huge library containing information of this moment and those of the past, whatever information is received from the conscious mind is stored in a format suitable to the conditioned consciousness to recollect the information when needed in a visual form.

During the sleep there is a time of Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which accounts for 20–25% of total sleep time in most human adults. It is during this time that the subtlest consciousness connects to the Subtler energy within the body called Kundalini and it rises with the power of Māyā (Illusion). This is the Subtle energy force called the Māyā Kundalini that works with the sub-conscious mind through the dormant state of consciousness allowing the dreams to happen.

Māyā Kundalini moves haphazardly through the sub-consciousness laced with the conscious thoughts and ways. This movement works on three levels, one collection of information from the Dormant Conscious mind, linking the information collected with the Sub-conscious mind data and then allowing the sub-conscious  to reflect the information to the sleeping individual. This is called dream (svāpna).

The dream would have been sequential and clear if one did not have Māyā Kundalini moving through the māhat cittā (Gross consciousness) and cittā avastha (Sub-consciousness). The movement causes the breaks, cuts and partial visibility of the events.

The more one is loaded with a active and pre-occupied mind, the more the dreams would be weird for here the energy within the Māyā Kundalini reacts with the Matter of the consciousness leading to the body pain and headaches upon waking up.

Those who are spiritually inclined and have deeper sadhana practices would find that the Māyā Kundalini works not at the sub-consciousness level rather at the Subtler aspect of the Consciousness for in that awakened state the consciousness is highly alert leading one to have dreams rarely, for most of them are premonitions, foreboding and prophetical in nature. Here the Māyā Kundalini transforms in Amāyā Kundalini (absence of delusion or deceit or guile)wherein the energy within the Kundalini becomes matter and on this matter the awakened consciousness writes the message to be conveyed through the spirit of the awakened consciousness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

For further reading  Soul Searchers-The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini

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