Social Service

We talk about social work and charity, alleviation of poverty. How will we do it? For thousands of years poverty and disparity between the rich and poor has been there but it has never changed. We all have tried to come out with policies, religious norms of charity, political norms of charity but all have failed. Is it possible for one to think why we failed?

We failed because our mind was never to do upliftment of poor or needy. Our desire was to gain from it, gain in the manner of pünya(results of good deed), respect, name and fame.

No King became a pauper because he gave everything to the poor. The poor have been utilized to make the King richer. The mindset was never there to actually change the attitude of social work.

Social responsibility is something which is based on simplicity and not on conditions. The turmoil’s I show through the poems, writing and service reflect my turmoil wherein I am not interested in only loading poor people with just clothes or continuously feeding them food but to make a society which is aware, who want to live a life of self respect. If you want to beg then beg from the inner self, if you want to give let the soul give the essence of respect to the souls who are in dormant state.

My way is not religious. I use spirituality as base for religion to talk, I walk with people in their religion and then poke them, tell them something which would not be liked for it is going against the norms so far they followed. The soul within this form is the one which I believe and the ultimate divinity is to be with the truth and not with the dogmas.

Most of the people talk about openness, expansion and liberation, how many people truly know what openness is, expansion is or liberation is.  When I do namaskar, I do not bow to the person, but I bow to the soul, while people do sashtanga namaskar to the body and when the time comes they hit the same body they bowed down to. Such conditional beings can never lead people to be self respecting rather their ways are more scary and dangerous for any day they can back stab creating a bigger rift based on caste, creed, colour and gender.

When the true openness comes then the social work and social upliftment shall happen for then the difference shall be non‐existent since only souls are seen and how can one soul harm the other.

~ Maitreya

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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