New Life

 Burning of the flesh was aromatic,

          The essence of life was still there,

Breathing through the flames of fire,

          The body withered in the heat,

To let a new being to walk,

With the tiniest feet there was,

Breathing in the aroma of fire,

          Carrying on the journey

Left with nothing but the light

          Light of agony and pain,

Feeling the relief in the fire,

          Let I be one with thee,

Touching new horizons with every flicker

          Letting the aroma of fire guide,

The path of new life.

                                                                                ~Maitreya   ( 27-04-03)


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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