1. Mystical is Reality

Knower of the now

Is unknown to the knower

For the one who knows is now

Whatever is known till date is just an expression of truth, known by the one who was able to realise the truth in the pure manner. This truth expressed in any human manner leads to a limitation for the truth is simply inexpressible, incomprehensible, immeasurable, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The dynamic silence which permeates through the whole of the essence of revelation is such that it cannot be comprehended and remains a mystery with a expression of eternal relationship.  Even the words which you read now are an expression which has been expressed through the concept of action and reaction leading to nothingness. This nothingness once known and accepted cannot be expressed for it bestows receiver the sublime joy and bliss that is beyond the limited expression of the possessor

2. Being the Being

Being in itself is duality

Being the being

makes the being vanish

leaving a sense of oneness

know that the expression of truth cannot never be comprehended by words nor can be communicated for the moment the words used the term of power or characters known or unknown the duality is expressed leading one to lose out on the path so known. Leaving the known and also the unknown let the unnamed let the pathway open up with the vision expanding beyond the boundaries of conditions for the knowing; realizing the being in true form destroys the duality bringing forth the reality of oneness.

3. Word of Word

Word of word is the path of one

Silence within the word of one

Knowing the words leads to wordlessness

Being the wordlessness makes you One

A path of knowing the truth in its all pristine glory has to be desired, words may look similar, path may look similar for the words and path are an illusion for you to hold the way of wordlessness and pathlessness. Know the truth of Dharma not the way of living or dying but the being who is the Dharma.

4. Pulsation of One

Nothingness in reality is not

Something remains unknown within

Pulsation of truth is the spark to know

Within the nothingness the truth remains like a pulsating star knowing the star itself the way of beginning the journey.  For it is the beginning of the communion between creation and creator as assigned by the creator of the creators.

5. Illusion is not Real

Illusion is not the one to hold

Yet I hold it precious in my womb

Creator of misery is I for real

Donot hold on the illusion you know or you realise for the truth is far different from it for the separation of self and the one leads one on the path of suffering.  I, Me, Mine, Myself are causation of suffering that holds one to the same pillar in which he is born and leaves him there to die in misery and pain. Finite within your own self can never ever attain the infinite for it cannot fathom it.

6. Truth is delusion

Truth as truth given is falsification

Divinity within never gives out anything

It holds nothing it attains nothing

For the attainment is a delusion

Being the being we are the truth is always tried to be achieved which leads to more chaos and suffering within the life for it never is able to hold on to the truth in the most pristine manner. For what he holds dear is not truth but a reflection a illusion, let go of it and you shall find way to the truth that you desire more from within.

7. Thought is Death

Thought is a way of suffering

Thoughtlessness a way of sensing

Being the thought is holding on

Being the thoughtless is a beginning

Know the way of truth not by holding on to a thought. The thought is a process of being the self in the manner known but the state of thoughtlessness is worse, it is a state of holding and being. Being the thought allows you to express the ways in a manner known while being the thoughtlessness you make a beginning. A beginning to know, realise, relish and be the divine creation.

8. Be the Being

Known boundaries lose ground

Known ways lose all layers

Within the self, the being reigns

Beyond all known and unknown

Shed the layers before you come for the layers will hold you back from knowing the truth. Truth for one is truth for all for it transcends time and space and all the ends reach out to the endlessness while tracing the path of One.

9. Faith is not Truth

Know this faith is false

A god of falsehood

Known by time and space

Known to be like or unlike us

Faith is a hardened belief for achievement while Truth transcends the state of achieving or losing for it works on all planes on science. A science not based on theories, assumptions but one that can be known and realised in the laboratory of human mind.

Universal Centre opens the door for the seekers of truth, come without the conditions and learning you held to your bosom, come to blossom and realise the truth as it should be realized.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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