One day, a thief sat under a tree and found a cove in the old tree’s trunk. Inside the cove, he found a scripture. Reading the scripture, he had an idea that he should start teaching and this would give him respect and also a way to make a living.

Slowly his teaching spread out far and wide and many students started coming to him. His respect and value expanded which made him egoistic and boastful. He started making more and more claims about the siddhies he had achieved. Among many, he also claimed to  be able walk on water. His teaching was accepted by most of the disciples but one amongst them followed what was taught most sincerely.

One day the King called the Master hearing his Siddhi.  The master, on hearing that the King had called and what was expected of him, his fear started rising and he confessed to his disciples that he could not walk on water and that he had lied  to them. Most disciples abused the Master on this and some even went to the extent of slapping and beating him while a few even spat on him. All this created more and more fear within the Master. He found himself all alone. All those who praised him are now against him.

Suddenly he heard one sound breaking through the chaos, “Master, I as your disciple will walk on water and I know your name is the power behind me.’

Time stood still for a moment and silence spread. The Master who was bleeding looked up and saw the one disciple who was silently following what was taught

The confidence and power shining in the eyes of the disciple made the master go to the King and he said,“ Siddhies are not for display or for gaining fame. Look! I shall ask my disciple to walk on water.’

On the scheduled day, all people gathered and the King came to the banks of the river. Though the master had made the announcement, from inside he was the fear was eating him. If it failed, he knew that the King will kill both of them.

The disciple came and bowed to the Master, then he bowed to the Lord  and finally to the King and the public. He closed his eyes and loudly said the name of the Master 3 times and then stepped on the water and lo! He walked on the water.”

The Master became the Master at the same moment and found the true way of righteousness.

Scriptures say never ask the origin of Guru, Stree (woman) and Tree and never seek to analyze the ways of them. All of them or most of them would have an origin or ways which should remain in silence.

Seekers know that Jnana (knowledge), Dhyan (meditation) show the way of revealing to the Sadhaka that something more is on the path. The path may never be realized for it is lifeless. Jnana and Dhyan are lifeless without Prem (love), Karuna (compassion), Sadhana (working on the path), Bhakti (devotion), and Samarpana (surrender); and with them, one is deeply immersed in the ocean of Samadhi and bhakti.

Those immersed in Bhakti and Samadhi may show the path to others and only those on the true path of Bhakti and Samadhi shall never have any doubt about the way shown or the method done. They would follow the path with purity and sincerity for it expands the way within.

Those who seek Bhakti and Samadhi with a narrow mind and narrow vision will never have a problem even slapping the one who is showing the path to them; for, their own limited understanding  will never allow them to grow beyond the physical realm and this blocks their vision and their own aim in life.

It is for each one to know and decide what he/she wants in life and what eventually should they make it to turn for betterment.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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