Most of the time the human mind tries to apply the knowledge gained in their life and in the process they lose out the way and means of gaining the true way. For they are breaking their vision and way of true understanding to absorb and assimilate the knowledge so gained. It is essential that knowledge that is gained is not applied for it shall apply on its own if the focus is clear and pure. Remind yourself of the true knowledge eternally and at every moment. This focus shall allow you to gain the true vision allowing you to expand and then the surrounding people knowledge shall vanish leaving only the true knowledge within.

The purpose of gaining knowledge should be to walk on the path of the Sat with the company of one who knows the path meaning ‘sang’ then only true satsang happens. Sat+Sang should not be misunderstood as sitting and singing for it is a process of immersing oneself to the depth of knowing the self in a manner that allows one to gain the true essence of his own identity. This knowledge and path shall allow one to have a broader vision and depth of the subtle and true knowledge leading one to be eternally to be in touch with the inner being.

Narrow vision and narrower understanding will only make you judge each event and this becomes more complicated and entangled when it involves more and more people. The language, thought process, understanding all descent to a worthless state consisting of decay and suffering. It is crucial to immerse and enjoy the bliss rather than to struggle to finally drown to lose out making each and every single activity an act of burden.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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