In Life we can never be able to please everyone and quite possibly many people around you may feel bad due to certain choices and decisions. Similarly, few people around may be happy with your choices and decisions. These bad vibes and good vibes

Body is frail and it works with the conscious state of mind and the more a person delves deep he touches and merges with the soul then do the body remain intact no it does not for the body starts to become a receptor for diseases. Body and Soul are two aspects of one coin, they are like siblings, get attracted to one other repels.

Keeping quiet about knowledge is good but it truly does not help anyone. Every single detail of spiritual knowledge when simplified helps the readers to delve deeper into self and realize the truth. Desire of every individual is to work on the most technical details of spiritual science and scriptures for they feel that just being born into a particular religion qualifies them for the deepest of the knowledge. But seldom do people understand the nuances of the subject for it is based on experience and realization. Deeper aspects of spiritual science is not just on the subject being discussed randomly or in the most comprehensive manner but the beauty lies in the simplicity of the same to communicate but difficulty to understand and grasp.

Long discussions and arguments on any subject break the patience of people, short ones help and ways are to be provided where all can get connected. Particularly on the spiritual path If I just start saying that body is nothing, soul is the ultimate it is true but how do I make people reach and know it. There are no ways  that have been provided in the scriptures that provide the result which is so close to our heart but the mind irritates us time and again.

Sharing of the formless is the most difficult thing; can air be shared, sunlight be shared; no it is there and that is crucial, knowing the essence is crucial. How will one share the concept of ‘I’, it happens only when people experience it themselves can it be understood or felt.

All the techniques one talks about is only making one realise the inner self but is it even divine,  is it the guardian of the inner self, can it be a mirage, can it be a illusion. The truth when it unveils breaks through the guardian to show the light then no explanation is not required. So each layer has a different process to awaken, to break through and finally when the layers are broken the body in essence losses its value. Mind calms down allowing pure-consciousness and soul remaining and dancing to the tunes of the natures, finally this layer too is broken leaving soul with the universal soul.

Experience or Anübhüti is the way of realizing the universal truth  and only sharing in words cannot help. The experience in itself, if it can be conveyed then it is called mïthyā sāch(illusory truth). The true experience cannot be explained, its presence is naturally felt not by actions or words but by the self himself, like the rose plant, it in itself goes on saying I am rose I am rose nothing shall happen but the moment a single rose blossoms then people become aware that rose has blossomed.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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