Pain is everything I know of Pain is the divine I know of Pain is the happiness I know of Pain is the sadness I know of Pain is the triger I know of Pain is the Satori I look for Pain is the beginning I look for Every single moment of pain is a process of Satori or Nirvïkalpa Samadhi for you. It is pure and divine that can help you drain out all that is negative and provide you with a breakthrough for the divinity to seep into. A person who knows no pain cannot understand the divine as he will never will be balanced emotionally, neither will he have any purpose in life as it is pain which creates a purpose for the person in his in life. People believe that health, happiness and enjoyment are most divine. In reality, it is pain that helps one reach the divine. A prayer when done from the heart brings pain in the heart and this results in the prayer being answered. A happy person rarely is able to comprehend his happiness as his consciousness is still very much active and kicking. This state results in a prayer which is more of a lip service. It is through pain that one transcends the conscious state of mind, never through pleasure. Pleasure seeks you to be there. Pain just makes you move over to your own self where your being is important when compared to the process of understanding the being which is known to people around you. A individual rarely looks at the surroundings when he is doing very well. He only realizes the changes in the surroundings when somewhere or somehow some problems have crept up in his life. He is aghast and then he starts blaming the divine that why only he is being troubled so much when so many people are there around who are worse than him. Even then the blame game is there and not of acceptance. This is the most common situation faced by everyone. Everyone must be able to see something common in all the events in their life. This is a situation which glares directly into your eyes and suddenly you become alert and then you can see very clearly and differentiate between each and every single pain. The more alert you are able to become, the more you realize that there are so many people who are unemployed; broke; have broken marriages; are facing tensions, stress and pain. The moment you become aware of the pain and suffering around you, you suddenly feel the whole world crashing in on you; you become more stressed out feeling the burden of the whole world. Pain is the most powerful challenge that you have to understand. Acceptance is something that should be present. It is the denial that causes all the suffering. Pain does not cause suffering. Pain is an experience that allows you to be you. Most of the people try to be judgemental about pain . This is dangerous as then the suffering increases… with plain acceptance it remains there because pain is not good or bad, evil or divine by nature. It is just an experience and like all other experiences it allows you to grow. Happiness makes you static and you start to glorify the event every moment in life. Pain is something that allows you to transcend and at the same time creating a sense of growth inside you. It is only pain that facilitates a situation where you knowingly or unknowingly become a witness to it while creating sense of meditation about it. This is the most alert situation where every single thing is observed by you. Losing a body part, a family member or a friend – you remain intact while you, the inner self, are aware of every passing moment. Is this experience not great? Is it not something which you will never have experienced when you are happy? It is quite possible that pain will cause you to become angry and then many questions will come up, like:- … Why me? … I never did any harm to anyone. … Is it because of my past karma? … I am so young. How could it happen to me? How and Why? – these queries can be applied for things that human minds can understand… but there is a limit to its understanding as it is related with society he lives in, his knowledge is restricted to the knowledge of the society itself. Even with the advent of the internet, man’s knowledge is restricted to the knowledge the human society as a whole. It is growing and not complete yet. The fact is the more it is growing, more complex it is becoming. Nature does not work on the concepts of hows and whys. It is beyond all that happens. Questions or karma, nothing matters. These are nothing but simple consolations that people love to hear. It does not bring along the concept of understanding. You can have answers but no understanding; as more answers mean more questions and more questions lead to more detailed and complicated answers with the understanding still not being there. It is like explaining the beauty of a girl… you can express her beauty in words like sharp features, fair skin, good height etc. But then also the question remains what is beauty.. the expressions can only describe some of the characteristics but not beauty. Only a sharp nose is not beautiful, good height on its own does not mean beauty. Then what is beauty? Beauty is beauty which can be felt and known but cannot be explained. Normally, people suffer because they only look at the current scenario and do not see what they have already been bestowed with… Acceptance is divine. Be thankful. Do not grudge over things lost otherwise you will lose out on the events the nature might have decided for you. Recently when I was in Bangalore I met a small child who was blind. He was begging and wore dirty clothes. He spoke chaste Hindi (normally people from southern India speak north Indian languages with an accent). I asked him how come he spoke such good Hindi. He told me that he came from Punjab all alone. My next question was ‘You are blind and you have come all alone. Who cares for you then?” His answer was beautiful. He said, “No. I have come all alone and do not need anyone. As I am blind, everybody helps me. I am really happy. I ran off from the hostel I was in because the superintendent was very rude and bad. Then one night I had a dream that I should see all the places. I am blind so how can I see the places? One day I was able to find a way to run away from the hostel. Now I am happy… everybody helps me. Somebody gives me food, somebody buys me a ticket. This bus driver brought me till here but he is not ready to take money for it. This would have not happened if I had eyes. People see my efforts to visit places and they have the compassion of explaining the places to me. Till date I have never faced trouble after my running from the hostel…” This is the real example of acceptance and finding the best of the life from whatever the life has given to us. This is purely spiritual and the experience of Satori. The boy is happy that divine has made him blind and he prays with a thankfulness for his handicap. Acceptance opens the doors for you to grow…!

Atma Sanchaya Dhwani, Volume 1 Issue 15, 1st Dec, 2006

~ Maitreya

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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