Duality in life –> Restlessness–> Discontent –> Ignorance, Hatred and Fear.

 Duality is the Life we all lead. This duality creates a sense of restlessness in the life of a person. This restlessness leads to a state of discontentment. This discontentment is the cause for all the emotional activities our mind creates for every event in life. Small- small events become the source of outbursts of hatred, anger, sadness, depression, tears, trauma. These all create a sense of fear where the person closes down himself in his own created cocoon he fears everything and everyone colleagues, friends, teachers, relatives everyone. He starts building a conditioned lifestyle that is so unique to the individual where he cannot find anybody more suffering than himself.

Imagine a world filled with such people and everyone crying for peace, they look for every event that transpires to show that peace exists. They look at pictures of Saints and Sages, start worshipping their calmness in the feeling that they too shall get peace, they also go to various Saints, sages and teachers to learn the art of peace. But they fail to realize that externally nothing can be found and only the moment they are able to be still and are able to delve within they find the peace and harmony happening.

The moment people talk about meditation the vision they see is a sitting and doing nothing, yes this is a art so simple yet the most difficult one to sit and do nothing.

A simple technique for starting of the meditation process is to sit comfortably and silently in a room for one or two hours every day. No noise should be there in the room. It is quite possible the first few days will be uncomfortable with itching, wavering of thoughts, stiffness in the body. But make sure that you do not move your body during the period. If the mind wanders, allow it to do so, do not stop anything, itching happen do the itching, sneezing may be there, stiffness should be borne. But in all the cases be very slow in moving the body let the movement be like that of a snail.  Bring the awareness to the event, which has made the body make the movement, once the event is over, again become silent in thoughts until the occurrence of another event. For example if you want to itch very slowly move the hand which is near the spot and the movement should not make any other body part to move, scratch the spot and slowly bring the hand back to its original position.

This practice is the basis for allowing the person to become Sadhaka (seeker), unless you have perfection in this simple yet powerful technique all the other techniques will become superfluous.  The practice of any other technique without basic preparation shall give you some pleasure and experience for short period of time and then the mind will get unattached with the technique itself. Thereby making you look for more avenues and techniques for getting the satisfaction. This technique if perfected makes you calm and quiet resolving all the problem areas in the body and mind.

~ Maitreya


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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