I do not know?

Why I do not know?
How I donot know?
When I donot know?
Where I donot know?
Life has passed
flashed before my eyes
nothing but the true love
essence of my living
the dew on the rose petals
all were lost in trauma and pain
seen all around nothing matters
every single phase is divine
Why look outside I say?
For What and How’s of world
Can the time heal and realize
the moments gone by
Silently the bird flew
soared into the sky
lost in the divineness
nothing was seen again

Nature is open sky where everyone is there for knowing himself other become a medium and the more we are able to link to the medium the more we become silent.

Silent Meditation is a process of knowing what you are and how you are related to yourself.

It definitely allows you to sink and grow with every moment till you have reached a level where you can actually rest in peace from inwards. Clothes are for the physical body, Physical body becomes the clothing for the soul.

When a person finds oneself his happiness is divine but then so many people are there who look forward to such divine pleasure they just go on running throughout their lives but rarely do they find the happiness and pleasure that you and I have felt.

The Centre of the time and future is truly a creation for the people who are in themselves divine and awakened, but there has to a physical form also which can take this message to others also and also bring the same kind of
awareness and divinity that people in the group has felt.

It is true that it is a hectic task but then anything new is always hectic and also takes lot of perseverance and hard work. On the net it is a limited effort I believe that if small centres can be formed in different parts of the world who spread this message slowly and slowly we shall be able to bring the lost faith and belief in people in knowing themselves in a better manner.
It is not an effort of an individual but effort of lots of people who want everyone to get the realization

See the experience and if your inner self feels elevated with the divine showers of love then the meditation is of use otherwise move back try something new… this would help you.. see you are travelling and day you feel that you have tried everything then and then only you shall realize that running is nothing more than haphazard movement but the source is same everywhere.

The divinity in you is to be known for the silence to happen and then everything becomes crystal clear. See from the time of external accessories you have come to a stage where you have become known to yourself and this is a good beginning let it continue and then something will happen which shall guide you to YOU, your own divine self

~ Maitreya


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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