Human body is the ultimate equipment that has not required any repair or modification over the millions of years. It is the most perfect specimen that the world is endowed with the blessing of the universal energy. This superb piece of cosmic machinery has millions of secrets hidden within its own wraps. Modern Science today, has realised that there is existence of a science beyond the realms of the scientific frontiers that they have reached. Though they have developed highly complicated machines and other equipment’s to probe the human body, but the realm that they are not able to find is the seat of life. This supra-normal realm is actually the miniature replica of the endless cosmos existing all around us. This seat of energy can only be found by delving deep within the realms of mind.

Ancient Indian Scientists who are today known as Sages and Saints had actually delved deep and probed the mind to such an extent that they were able to reach the ultimate knowledge or truth. These they had written down in huge mass of scriptures in the form of couplets and quadruplets. This huge mass of knowledge can only be deciphered by people who work in the similar manner as those great saints.


This sutra from the scripture says that the universe is our body and our body is the universe. But how could the entire universe exist in our tiny body is the question that arises. Our physical body is composed of

Gross Body  =

 Five basic elements

(Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, Air)

Five Prana

(Prana, Udana, Vyana, Samana, and Apana)



(Māna, Būddhi and Ahamkara)


Five Karmindriyas

(Hastindriya, Charahindriya, Vaani, Guhindriya, Vayuguda)


Five Gyanaindriyaes

 (Chaksurindriya [Eyes] , Granaindriya [Nose], Shruti Indriya [ Ear], Jiva [Tongue/ Taste] , Tavak [Touch])


These all combine to form the gross body and when the Chitta (Cosmic intelligence) awakens all these energies get united with Kundalini Shakti residing in the Mooladhara chakra. At this moment, the sadhaka gets a pulsating feeling, which is the Pre Kundalini Awakening Syndrome.

The above discussion will become clear when we are able to feel the position of the various tatvas in the human body

Five Basic Elements on the physical level

EARTH is the main element responsible for the perfection of the skin, bones, nerves, body hair etc.

Water Element is responsible for the management of the saliva, urine, semen, marrow, blood etc.

Air element is responsible for the contraction, contraction, running, expansion, motion etc.

Fire element is responsible for thirst, hunger, laziness, sleep etc.

Ether element is responsible for sound, worry, vacuum, attachment etc.

Other than these there exists the supreme power in the form of dormant energy at the base of the spine. This supreme dormant power is called Kundalini.

Although the knowledge of Kundalini existed for thousands of years, it is only in the recent years people have found the fascination for this science.  In ancient period this science was only taught to those who had the ability to work upon this and was capable of spreading the knowledge to others.  With the scientific discoveries and inclination towards knowing, the true information provided in the scriptures, scientists around the world have been putting the information given in the scriptures to test.

Though the interest in the supreme power Kundalini has risen it has also brought about books and other articles that have provided little or half baked knowledge of this spiritual power. In most of the books and discussions the partial information of seven chakras are only given thus restricting the pursuit of a true sadhaka to find the ultimate truth. The enormity of this science can be gauged from the fact that as per Shiv Samhita there are more than three and a half lakh nadis in the body that form the basis for the working of the various parts of the body.

These nadis controlled by the chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning the process of eternal movement. Literal translation means ‘wheel’, but actual meaning can be compared to a whirlpool having another whirlpool inside and so on eternally.

These chakras hold the eternal secrets of cosmic world and help a person to develop the path chosen by him. In normal condition these chakras work mechanically for the proper functioning of the body, but when some techniques are applied these chakras delve within themselves to unleash the potential psychic energy.

These chakras are not physically visible, and to visualise the chakras one has to delve deep within and attain the true knowledge. The web of nerves and psychic knots draw energy from various points in the body.

These points can be compared to the electricity poles, which are in turn connected to the electric substation and then to the electricity generation unit. Minor chakras act like electric substations and the major chakras act like electricity generation unit in the transmission of the energy through the various nadis.

There are Sixteen major chakras in the body representing various levels of conscious development.

  1. The serpent sleeps in the Mooladhara chakra when dormant in a state of 3½ coils representing the three gunas (Sat, Raja, Tama) and the half represents the ahamkara of the person. It is situated near the anus region.
  2. Swadhisthana chakra is located near the genital organ.
  3. Manipura chakra is located near the navel.
  4. Anahata chakra is located near the heart.
  5. Vishuddhi chakra is located near the root of the neck.
  6. Aagya chakra is located near the centre of the eyebrows.

These six chakras are known as Shatchakra (6 chakra). The seventh chakra Saharar chakra (crown chakra) is actually not a chakra but a centre of cosmic bliss and beyond description. All the three gunas merge together here to form the cosmic truth.

Other major chakras that are little known are

  1. Surya chakra located two inches above the navel
  2. Bindu chakra located just behind the Aagya chakra
  3. Narada Chakra is located at a distance of one kishku (32 angulis) from the Sahasrara chakra.
  4. Ananta Chakra is located at a distance of one tala from the Narada Chakra.
  5. Muktananda Chakra is located one dhanu (four hasta) from the Narada chakra.
  6. Vyasa chakra is located near the Muktananda chakra.
  7. Vyapini Chakra is located near the Muktananda chakra.
  8. and 16. Uthana and Uttarakshi chakras are located half Gavyuti from the Mukananda chakra.

These sixteen chakras control nearly 1036 Minor and Minor-Minor chakras. The functioning of these minor chakras are governed by three Granthis – Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, which also controls another 13 minor granthis. To understand this divine energy it is necessary to jump into the divine flow and merge with the universal energy.

Thus, this complex and subtle structure can only be conquered by one who has let his ego merge with the universal energy so as to find the divine grace of energy sweep through his mortal body providing and nourishing his every cell and being. I call upon all those who want to merge with the universal energy to fall at the divine energy field of this Spirit, Body and Self.


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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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