Classes and Events

A network of Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre Groups (listed below) have been  developed in India,  often set up by people who have spent time at Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis and wish to remain connected with this Apotheosis centre and their experiences here.

If you run a Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre and your name and details are not featured here, please let us know and we can add you to this list. Please keep us informed of any changes so that we can publish your groups’ current information.

If you do not have a Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre and would like to set one up, please see our help page

Maitreya Apotheosis Series Class – DELHI & NCR

Maitreya Apotheosis Series Class – Bengaluru



Maitreya Apotheosis Series Class – Chennai