Duration       : 96 Hours

Course Outline for Svāra Vijnana

Syllabus of BÖŤÁSEĚM (Svāra Vijnana- Basic)

  • Introduction to Shiva Swarodaya [Shri ShivaParvati Samvad( श्री शिव पार्वती संवाद), शिव स्वरोदय]
  • Depth and expanse of Shiva Swarodaya
  • Limitations of Shiva Swarodaya
  • Origin of the Shiva Swarodaya
  • Introduction BÖŤÁSEĚM
  • Depth and Expanse of BÖŤÁSEĚM [Svāra (स्वर) Vijnana]
  • Connections of  Body, Mind, Spirit, Consciousness,
  • Understanding of the Pancha Prana (5 Prāna) at different levels
  • Types of Svāra Pathways: Left & Right, Central, Conscious, Cosmic
  • Nature of Svāra
  • Changing of Svāra – When, How, Why
  • Balancing of Svāra at multiple levels
  • Initiation of Energy Centres to allow the Central, Conscious, Cosmic Nadi to get activated
  • Balancing Hind brain, midbrain, and forebrain
  • Connection of Svāra with the Elements
  • Watching knowing and experiencing the patterns of change
  • Svāra Vijnana and Lunar, Solar, Cosmic and Universal
  • Svāra Vijnana for Gaining Short term and Long Goals
  • Svāra Vijnana for gaining purpose in Life
  • Svāra Vijnana and connection to Maîtreya


  • The whole process involves Two levels of  Maîtreya Realisation 
  • Lots of Meditative Process

For Whom :

  • Everyone is eligible for doing this course

Benefits      :

  1. Nasal cycle is clearly understood
  2. Moving away from the traditional methods of activation the nasal cycle, providing unique and simple methods of knowing and working on the nasal cycle
  3. Understanding the correlation between the breathing patterns and its psychological implications leading to the corresponding increase in the brain activity as well as cognitive performance.
  4. You learn to do right thing at right time bringing balance and order in life
  5. Learning the art of being relaxed and conscious of thee moment every moment.
  6. Awareness of natural rhythms and relating the same with the universal laws
  7.  Tuning into the Energy reservoir allows one to be healthy and well-being.
  8. Clarity of thoughts and connection to the core allows one to succeed in life continuously
  9. Surrounding energy vibration is related and connected to the core of the spirit and it can be realised at every moment of time.
  10. One shall be aware of all negative energies and also know the ways of banishing them life in the simplest and easiest manner
  11. Physical and psychic healing can be done

Locations :

Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai

Duration :

  • Personal Contact 16-18 Hours.
  • Self Learning 78-80 Hours