Advance Truthful Instruction for Life (ATIL)

Session Two: Advance Truthful Instruction for Life (ATIL)

Duration       :  56 Hours

Life is filled with issues where Focus, Connection, Awareness, Balance, Emotions, Compassion, all have great roles. Here one is connected to the core as learned in the Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC) while expanding deeper to know and realise the truth in fulfilling all the aspects of life in the most natural manner. the path on its own will marvel at the way it works at the Conscious and Mind levels through simple methods and tools that has been translated in the most simple form of explanation that allows one to tune into the elements(tatvas), connect to the inner silence, experience the ways and means to be in the moment for allowing the issues of life become part of one’s own Holistic life in the most spiritual manner.


The whole process involves Four levels of  Maîtreya Realisation 

For Whom :

All those who have done Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC) practised for 2 weeks.

Benefits      :

  1. Connection with inner Self
  2. Expansion of the beauty of Silence within the Inner Consciousness
  3. Connection with the Self in the most natural Manner
  4. Experiencing the truth of being here and now
  5. Allowing one to gain balance at Energy and Conscious levels
  6.  Balancing the nervous system activation
  7.  Balancing hormonal levels
  8. Increasing brain coherence.
  9.  Physiological balance and stability during mental task performance

Locations :

Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai

Duration :

Personal Contact 16 Hours.

Self Learning 40 Hours

Previous Level                                                                                                                                            Advance Level

Session One: Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC)

Session Three: Raál Core Meditation