Shāranagāti(surrender) is a not a technique to be learned, it happens Surrender happens when you are not, so one cannot surrender. Surrender is a natural expression and way that says  “In Divine I am and Divine is the way for me”.

The general understanding of the word surrender is limited by the western concept of power, strength and defeat. In the eastern world, true the world has two different ways of knowing things one that has been following a more grossest, gross philosophy and the other working on the Five levels of consciousness. So, in the eastern ways of knowing Shāranagāti has its root in word Shā meaning ‘Self’, ran meaning ‘held’ and agāti meaning ‘in motion’. The self here can flow through all the five levels of consciousness Grossest, Gross, Subtle, Subtler and Subtlest. In the first two levels the self takes refuge under a powerful entity, but at Subtle, Subtler and Subtlest levels one works through the Emotional, Prānic and Cosmic vibrations.

Shāranagāti truly is the word for those living in Subtle, Subtler and Subtlest levels of consciousness. There is no logical analysis, understanding or discussion in the way it is and that is important. It is ultimate way expressing the faith in a firm manner to the Self wherein no words, no literature, no scriptures or even commitment is made.  It is a moment wherein you have to let go of everything that you own, for the relief can only be experienced but is indescribable, it is a moment of unquestionable faith that allows one to be confident, assured, fearless, doubtless and be eternally in the blissful light of the divine force.

There can be no test for self other than awareness wherein the grossest, gross self have no role, while the subtle essence within shows points and marks that brings in more subtlety regarding the remaining deficiency in the subtle essence.

The moment one becomes aware of such a deficiency one finds the easiest way of removing them or rising above them by becoming aware of them. This is essential for the eternal continuity of faith that has led one to remain a Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit).

All the dependency on the bodily senses, mind faculties and ego will become redundant for it is the divine cosmic light that eternally guides you beginning through the one who has capability to lead you to the light, holding you closely like a father, loving you like a mother, walking with you like a friend. Millions of names and hundreds of relationships can be given to one who allows you this opportunity, yet the source remains same for your being  Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit) to the One  is the same state of Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit) that the one close to you has towards the Supreme Spirit. Only a Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit)can relate to another Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit) and in that moment of time and space one attains something which millions of cycle of birth cannot bestow.

Being a Shāranagāt (Surrendered Spirit) shatters everything around while introducing you to a world even beyond the ways of righteousness allowing one to gain liberation from all that one holds as precious, yet suffering due to them.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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